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In Business Since 1924


In an effort to improve and maintain a high standard of quality, we asked our customers to complete a short questionnaire - This is what they had to say:

"I had a fire in my home about three months ago that also included substantial water damage. My insurance company referred me to Harford Cleaners to clean all the garments and material pieces in my home. The people were very considerate of my circumstances and very nice and helpful. They returned me emergency clothing 24 hours later and pulled items out for me several times in the past three months. I was impressed also how they straight up they were and told me what couldn't clean and what wasn't worth cleaning. They even gave me time to pull out things that I wouldn't wear anymore to limit the charges to the insurance company so I had enough money to still replace my damaged items. Most companies would try to benefit themselves rather than me. I was very pleased with them. They just delivered everything the other day and I was blown away by how nicely everything was done. I was very impressed and would recommend them to anyone in my situations. Very nice people! Ten stars for them!!!"

- Robyn


"I had significant water damage to my home. Manuel, Tiffany and the Staff at Harford treated my clothes and other items like gold. I so appreciate and recommend Harford!"

- Rhonda Moore


”Thank you so much for restoring my mom’s wedding dress. We though it was lost forever and you managed to restore it to its original beauty. My parents will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary on February 12th! You did a wonderful job with our things”

- Patty Santiago



"I was very happy with the service and quality of my items. EXCELLENT!!!"

- Beverley


"Harford Cleaners staff members did a great job installing our valance. We appreciated them calling to let us know they were on the way to our home. Staff was very careful in our home - they took their shoes and used carpeting to protect our wood floor. They were helpful and easy to work with. They went out of their way to make sure the valance was installed evenly. They even steamed the fabric to make sure it laid properly. Nice Job. Thank you!!!"

- Wendy and Don


"Amazing Service! They came when scheduled, but most of all, we loved the way they boxed and separated everything according to room and category."

- Kathleen


"Everything was excellent! Thank you for your help at this trying time."

- Oscar


"Friendly, professional, and did a wonderful job!"

- Peggy Lee


"Service was exceptional! Would definitely use again and will recommend to anyone who asks."

- Martin

We believe our success has been a result of our commitment to quality and service.